Sunday, February 9, 2014

New blog URL

To anyone that has been following my site, I am changing my address. The mrsmunchy up there is an old username, but the blog was transferred to my new email long ago. So to tie it to my new "name", I'm changing it. Please change your bookmarks and bloglovin' links, if you have them, to reflect the new address:

I felt I need to change this now, while I'm still unknown enough that it won't hurt me LOL. I have some news that I'm about to announce, and before I get extra traffic to my blog, I want to have things really nailed down, especially a URL I can live with for a while!

Also, I'll be eliminating the Quilting for Sanity!! name. I've loved that name! But it's time to kind of grow up and be serious if I want to grow my pattern designing as a business. That is my hope, that one day this will be my "real" job!

Help me make the switch painless by changing any links you might have to reflect this. And watch for my next post! Thanks!


  1. there is an error that url is not found

    1. I know, I have not made the change yet, if I change it now, everyone that tries to follow the link I posted to get to this post will get an error ;) I will be making the change in the next couple of days. I just wanted to give a heads up! I might do a bit of fanagling to move this post to a kind of "dummy" blog, and then change this one to the new name.

  2. Im following you !! :)

  3. I made the change officially so the above link should work now :-)