Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A brand new newsletter...and what am I working on now?

Just a quick post to share my news: I started a newsletter today! I'm kind of excited at the idea that I have enough to talk about to warrant a newsletter (even if it's all in my head haha!) Anyway, if you're interested in staying up to date on what I'm working on and my new pattern releases and such, click the tab at the top to sign up for my newsletter.

And just what am I working on? Well, the last couple days, I have gotten back to work on something I started for my boys just after Christmas. They love to play chess and checkers. Even my 5 year old! So I started sewing up a set for them. The pieces have been done for about a month (one side has appliqued chess pieces, the other is all one color, matching the chess pieces), and the board top has been done too. I got hung up on the pocket to store it all in, and then had to put it aside for a while. But I'm back to it, the pocket is figured out, and I'm ready to do the final assembly. Then I'll get it written up and tested, and it'll be posted in my Craftsy store after that. So it's moving along nicely and should be finished and available soon!

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