Sunday, February 9, 2014

Aspiring Designer's Challenge...and a new mystery quilt coming soon!

Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm the pattern designer of ShannonMac Designs. And those that follow my blog might be asking...Why is she introducing herself on a blog that's been established for so long? I'll tell you. I have joined in an Aspiring Designers Challenge, so hopefully, there will be many new readers on my blog, starting with this post! This challenge includes many other great pattern designers, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I believe I am the only quilt designer in the bunch though, so if you clicked a link in a post about the challenge to get here, I'm glad you made it!

So now that you're here, here's what I've got for you...

I know many of you have been waiting, next mystery quilt will begin February 22!

This time, instead of hosting it in a facebook group and then releasing it on Craftsy after the big reveal, I am releasing it as a mystery on Craftsy. The pattern price will be $5 while it's still a mystery, and will go up to $7 once the mystery is revealed. On February 22, I will be uploading the fabric requirements and cutting instructions to my Craftsy Shop. Then each Saturday morning, I will upload a new file, replacing the old one, which will include everything up to that point, including the new week's clue. This way, you can download the new file each week, and at the end, it's all still kept together in one file. Sounds good, huh?

The cool thing about Craftsy shops is that once you have a pattern in your library, it's yours to download and access forever, no worries of losing it. AND, if I update it, you will be notified that the file has changed, and you can download the new copy. I'll be using that feature to my advantage, when I upload a new file with one additional clue each week!

You can find my Craftsy Shop HERE. If you click 'Follow' on my shop page, you'll get an email when new patterns are posted there. Or follow my blog HERE, and I'll be posting when it's released here (as well as some giveaways coming up!)

If you've never followed one of my mystery quilts, you can see the first three I designed HERE, HERE, and HERE! You can also join my mystery quilt group on Facebook HERE. Hope to see you there!


  1. Excellent job - love your new blog, name, design, and all! :-)