Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thomas and Friends Quilt Pattern

Here is the pattern for the Thomas and Friends quilt I designed for my son.
Thomas and Friends quilt
Finished size: approximately 72” by 74 ½”

Uses Cranston Village “Thomas and Friends” fabric collection

Fabric Requirements:
1 Thomas and Friends Wall Hanging (61835-Y)
2 Thomas and Friends Panel Blue, preferably not cut apart (62343-B – discontinued but you may still be able to find it in quilt shops or online. This link is just for reference)*
¼ yard red solid (try to match it to the border of the wall hanging panel as closely as possible)
1 yard Thomas and Friends Gears Allover (62346-B)
2 yards Thomas and Friends Scenic (62344-BG)**

* If you can only find one of these panels, you can use 1 Thomas and Friends Panel Blue and ½ yard Thomas and Friends (no name, 74138-N) instead.
** If you like, you could use Thomas and Friends Station Scenic (74101-BG) instead.

Cutting instructions:
1. Trim the Wall Hanging panel to 43 ¾” by 35”, keeping the border even on all sides. (piece A)

2. From the two Panel Blue panels, cut the side borders off and trim them to 5 1/8” by 41 ¾” (2 - piece B) Then cut the 6 smaller panels apart, trimming them to 14 ½” by 10 1/8”. (6 – piece C)

3. From the red solid, cut:
4 – 1 5/8” by 10 1/8” (piece D)
4 – 1 ½” by 5 1/8” (piece E)
2 – 1 3/8” by 63 ½” (piece F)
2 – 1 3/8” by 46 ¼” (piece G)

4. From the Gears Allover fabric, cut:
2 – 5 3/8” by 64 ¾” (piece H)
2 – 5 3/8” by 56” (piece I)

5. From the Scenic fabric, cut:
2 – 8 ½” by 74 ½” (piece J)
2 – 8 ½” by 72 1/8” (piece K)

Putting it together:
1. Sew a piece E to both ends of each piece B. This will be Panel 1.

2. Sew a Panel 1 to each side of the Wall Hanging Panel. This will be Panel 2.

3. Sew the train panels together in this pattern: piece C (James), piece D, piece C (Thomas), piece D, piece C (Percy). This will be Panel 3. Sew the name panels together in this pattern: piece C (Percy), piece D, piece C (Thomas), piece D, piece C (James). This will be Panel 4.

4. Sew Panel 3 to the top of Panel 2. Sew Panel 4 to the bottom of Panel 2.

5. Sew a piece F to each side. Sew a piece G to the top and bottom.

6. Sew a piece H to each side. Sew a piece I to the top and bottom.
7. Sew a piece J to each side. Sew a piece K to the top and bottom.

That’s it! Sandwich, quilt, and bind. Enjoy!

As I said in the fabric requirements, one of the fabrics has been discontinued. Pieces B and C come from the Thomas and Friends Panel Blue fabric. If this can’t be obtained, piece B can be replaced with less than ½ yard of 74138-N, and piece C can be replaced with any other Cranston Village Thomas and Friends fabrics that you like. I suggest replacing them with two 14 ½” by 10 1/8” pieces of each of: Thomas Toss (74102-R), Tickets Allover (74103-B), and Train Toss (64325-G), but feel free to use any fabrics you like.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My current project

A friend of mine is expecting a baby soon, and I wanted to do something special for the baby. So here's my most recent project. I've made this quilt before, for my son's kindergarten teacher when she had her baby, and it came out so nicely I decided to do it again! I even have pieces traced onto heat and bond to start a third one at some point. This is the one I am making for my friend. I have a yellow fabric that matches the green that I will be using for the sashing.

And this is the one I made for my son's teacher! This one was more scrappy, I used 7 different pink fabrics for the blocks, and another for the border. For anyone interested in making this quilt, the pattern can be found on It's called Just Bugs, and it's free! just go here and click Download the PDF at the bottom left.