Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Check out the Offbeat Oxford shirt pattern by Terra's Treasures Designs!

Ok, so I normally don't sew clothes, at least not for myself. I'm no good at fitting myself since my dress form doesn't look anything like me. Luckily, my two boys are pretty true to size (at least on top!) so I can sew for them sometimes. But let's be honest, boys patterns are usually all the same things. Occasionally though, a good boys pattern comes out that isn't your typical t-shirt, jeans, or plain button up shirt. This is one of them!

Here's the Offbeat Oxford by Terra's Treasures Designs. It's a fun take on a boys button up shirt, but with some visual interest. The row of buttons curves off to one side, and the pocket flap is a little different too. There are instructions included for doing a professional finish on the seams too, but I didn't do them.

I decided to make the shirt gray. My 6 year old came to the store to pick out buttons with me, and insisted on red ("Come on mom, it's MY shirt!"), so I used red thread for the top stitching, and fit a small gray button in the center of each red button.

He was so excited to put it on when it was done! I see myself making a few more of these for him. I'll be more careful around the collar stand, which was my only real hang up (only because I'd only ever sewn one collar before this and it was 5 years ago.) The pattern was easy to follow with plenty of photos and diagrams. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and I'm sure if I make another one, it will be even better! I may even give the professional seaming a try next time.

(He was such a good's not even 55 degrees here this morning!)

So if you're looking for patterns for your boys, pop over to Terra's Treasures today, where you can get this pattern for 25% off! I'll be bookmarking her site as well, knowing that I can go there for boys patterns that don't look like everything else!