Monday, January 28, 2013

This weekend's completed UFO

My mom got me my first sewing machine when I was 18 (at the time, it was only really for sewing Sigmas on sweatshirts.) One day, I was looking through her stash, and I decided to try my hand at quilting, and straight lines seemed best. So I found three "ugly" floral prints and put them with the cute blue daisy print I'd bought to make a hoodie with sorority letters on it, and set to work. These quarter square triangles are what came of that.

It was a few years before I decided to really try quilting, and subsequently fell in love with the craft. Recently, I started a new facebook group with Genevieve from Gigi's Quilty Treasures for UFO completion because I discovered I had almost 20 UFO's in varying states of incompletion. What's happened since then has been amazing! We have over 170 members since this time last month, and we just held our first UFO Sew Along day this weekend.'s what I did during the sew along. I finally finished with these QST's! This is my table runner. It's also my first attempt at homemade binding, and I'm very happy with it!
That's one UFO done, and lots and lots of happy crafters who were able to spend the day working on and finishing their own projects. We're currently discussing plans to do this twice a month now, and will have prizes to give away during the second sew along each month. Want to join us? Come to facebook and join UFOQueen2013, and be prepared to be motivated!

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