Friday, August 16, 2013

What a busy summer!

I have been absent from my blog for far too long. It's mainly just because it's summer! We're still a couple weeks away from school going back in session, and we've been trying to make the most of the summer. So far, I've been to scout camp for 3 1/2 days with my son, and we've been to Michigan's Adventure for 3 days and Cedar Point for 4, and even managed a detour to Kings Island on the way home last week. We're still hoping for a trip to Ontario to go to Canada's Wonderland. Why not? We might as well use these season passes! We've also done some stuff locally, and still have plans to do more, once my boys are home from grandma's. These last two weeks have been sucked up by training and testing for a work at home job I was trying to get, and they're supposed to tell us next week if we're accepted (I'm pretty sure I'm not!)

So let me catch you up on me! I haven't done a ton of sewing or designing lately. But I have been working on finishing the templates for an almost completely paper pieced quilt I'm designing, and I hope to have that ready for testing soon. I've also been doodling a little, and modifying some designs for some contests I've entered. And here's a picture of the sewing I've been doing! Sorry for the photo quality, I couldn't spot my good camera right away so this was taken with my cellphone.

I have been seeing stars for weeks! But the stars are finally all done. I'll be filling in the blanks with more black, and then I'll add some borders. As it sits now, it's already 96" square, so this'll probably end up being king sized! Either that, or I'll change my mind and make two more of the bigger stars and make a couple throws (still 72" square each to start!) We'll see what happens when I get there.

Once school starts back up, I'll have all day to work on new stuff! (Once the housework's done of course, honey! LOL)

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