Wednesday, June 12, 2013

School's out!

That's the right, no more school for the summer! So now comes the task of finding stuff for my kids to do for the next 11 weeks! Eeeeeek! LOL

My youngest will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall, and he has been wanting to learn to read. So I found a free online curriculum at for him to work through. He already knows his letter sounds so it's a matter of him learning how to put them together, and this site's Getting Ready 1 section starts basic reading at lesson 172. So that's what we're doing this summer! It uses a really old reading primer book to pull words from, so some of the words are a little outdated (who says lad anymore?) But the concept is sound.

And now that my oldest is done with school too, we're planning on going thru the 4th grade math section of the same site this summer since his grades in math are not good. But with only one computer, they have to take turns, and each will distract the other when one is on and the other isn' I came up with a solution!

This is our word wall!

I took some sticky notes and a black marker and made him a word wall with all the words he's learned in his lessons so far (and a couple duplicates, and some extra words he also knows). I had tried flash cards but they ended up everywhere and then ended up in the garbage. This way they stay put, and he can practice his own sentences. He thinks it's a game!

He manages to have fun with some sentences he thinks are just hilarious LOL!

So that was completely unrelated to quilting, but still a fun project. I can't wait to see our word wall at the end of August!

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