Monday, May 13, 2013

Well, that's not going to work...So here's the clues you've been waiting for!

I've been delaying posting the last couple of clues because I've been working on a way to change the URL of this blog without having to do lots of work copying and pasting, and also without everyone having to find what they're looking for from their bookmarks, links, and pins (in other words, the super easy solution that causes no problems whatsoever!) So far, I'm not having much luck, SO...Here are the next few clues that I haven't posted. I apologize for their lateness, and I promise, clue #10 will be available here on Friday (and that will be the last one!)

Here are the clues that you've been waiting for!

Clue #7
Clue #8
Clue #9

This Friday, May 17, I will post the 10th and last clue with the final assembly instructions. After that, these clues will still available for one week. On Friday, May 24, I will remove them from my blog and the complete pattern will be available for purchase in my Craftsy store. So, if you are missing any clues, get them while you can!

 I'm not sure if anyone's actually following this mystery on my blog anyway, most people follow it in my Facebook Group. Are you following along? Leave me a comment!

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