Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time to make a pocket!

Today I started the pocket part of the quillow I'm making my husband for christmas. He's a VW enthusiast, so I thought I'd do something with that. I have had an applique pattern I drew of a Beetle sitting in limbo on my hard drive for over a year, so I dug that out, blew it up to a bigger block, and today I got it cut and partially stitched down. Here's a photo I took earlier today. Some pieces were sewn together, but nothing was sewn down to the block yet, so it's a little wonky looking. But you get the idea!

It's coming out really well, so I hope that this one will go up on my Craftsy store at the same time the quillow pattern and the stained glass pattern do.

Don't forget the Craftsy Christmas sale! Classes are up to 75% off thru midnight Christmas Eve! Craftsy has been totally amazing. I've been able to design and immediately release new patterns to a HUGE audience via their indie shop. I hope they're around for a long time!

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