Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick goodie bag project

My youngest is in preschool, and Monday I was reminded that Wednesday (that's today!) is his class holiday party, and each kid will have a goodie bag that we're all supposed to drop a stocking stuffer into. Being that it's Christmastime and I'm trying not to spend money I don't have to (since my checking account is just about empty right now!) I decided to try to make something for the kids.

So I raided my stash and found some green Christmas fabric with french horns on it, and an ivory fabric with snowflakes on it. I cut 4x3 inch rectangles out of each. Then I took a cereal box out of my recycle bin and cut a little christmas tree out of it, with a trunk wide enough to allow for stuffing. I traced the tree onto the back of the ivory fabric with a water soluble marker, and then sewed those to the green blocks (right sides together), leaving the bottom of the trunk open. When I got to the point of the tree, I tucked a loop of thin ribbon into it before sewing it down.

Then I trimmed the seams and turned them right side out. My preschooler helped me stuff them (with a bag of stuffing I got from a friend, since it's something I never buy), and then I tucked the edges in and sewed them shut. So here's a pile of 28 christmas tree ornaments I made in about 4 hours Monday afternoon!

The goodie bags had a lot of little candies and dollar store toys and pencils and erasers...almost everything was consumable in some way, or will surely break within a few weeks. But they'll each have this nifty little ornament to keep. :)

It's funny, I didn't even think to put potpourri in them, but I noticed a few parents that pulled them out of the goodie bags to smell them lol! Good thing there's no smokers here! Anyway, if I do this again, maybe I'll think ahead and get something pretty smelling to tuck in there. But I did get lots of compliments, and people saying I'm so talented and things like that. If they only knew how easy this was...The secret's out now!


  1. What a great idea! I may have to do something similar next year.

  2. these are wonderful Shannon! Great minds think alike I think...LOL.

  3. Love this! As an allergy/asthma patient I'd vote for no smelly stuff inside. These rock!