Monday, June 25, 2012

The rest of Dear Jane Row A!

I haven't posted a block in a little bit, so I'm catching up. I completed Row A this morning! :D
Block A-8. This was my first successful attempt at paper piecing. I discovered and started following the tutorials on that site. It's really great if you're doing a Dear Jane yourself!
Block A-9. More paper piecing. I think I love it a little.

A-10. Not my favorite block. I'm not great at any kind of hand stitching, so I had to do this reverse applique with my machine. Kind of weird looking, but I don't hate it enough to do it again ;)

A-11. More paper piecing, and more of this crazy hand applique. I was trying to do the inset Y-seams but I couldn't get it to turn enough to be able to stitch it down that way. So more "applique" by machine. Hoping it's not too obvious when the whole quilt is done!
A-12. A little off but not too bad.
A-13. The tutorial I was following showed this one being appliqued all around the main star part, but I managed it all by machine. The seams weren't as hard to turn this time. And it's one of my favorites so far!
And that's the end of Row A!

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