Friday, June 29, 2012

Look what my boys and I made today!

My boys have been asking for s'mores for a while. But we just can't ever seem to make it out back to build a bonfire (mostly because our bonfire pit is covered with a very large mound of hydrilla, but that's another story all together.)

They love chocolate covered anything. Most recently we did chocolate covered pretzel rods, which they really liked. And today, we did our s'mores. But not the traditional way...

We made s'mores pops! I recently bought a mini crock pot, one meant for keeping dips warm, so I could use it for dipping chocolate.

These were made with a bag of big marshmallows, half a bag of mini chocolate chips (or whatever kind of chocolate you like to use for dipping), three crushed graham crackers, and some mini pretzel sticks.

Stick the pretzel in the marshmallow, then dip in the chocolate, coat in cracker crumbs, and put it on a lined cookie sheet in the fridge to cool. Voila! The boys (all of them, even my husband) liked them a lot, and I'm sure we'll be making them again.

Anyone that's ever been to a renaissance faire knows that everything tastes better on a stick ;)

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  1. That looks yummy. My boys love smores too, they will like this - wonderful idea.

  2. Great idea to use the crockpot! Much less work than a bonfire and just as much fun! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!