Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pictures of the first mystery quilt...and another one in the works

Ok, so now that the first mystery quilt has been at least mostly completed by most of the participants, I am posting some pictures!

This is the pattern! This one was made by me.

This top was made by Karen B. in Ionia, KS. Karen prefers rectangular quilts over square ones, so she made hers 6x8 instead of the 7x7 in the pattern, and she added 2 borders. I love how it turned out!

Sharon J. made this quilt top. It's so fun and bright!

If you love this pattern too, you can still snag a copy of the pattern in pdf format for a $10 minimum donation to my 3 Day page. Just let me know that you're donating for the pattern, and I'll send it to the email address that you enter when you make your donation.

If you're sorry you missed the first one, don't worry -- another one is in the works now. I've just finished the fabric requirements, and I'm working on the cutting and presewing instructions now. I'll have the fabric requirements posted here today. The deal for this one will be the same. A minimum $10 donation gets you in, and you can either get the pattern through the private facebook group I have set up, or if you don't use facebook, you can give me your email address and I'll email them to you as they're posted.

The first pattern has raised $275 for the fight against breast cancer. My goal is to raise double that with the new pattern. I'd appreciate if you would help spread the word about my charity patterns! I'd love to see you and all your quilting friends for my next mystery quilt. More info to come soon!


  1. I'm a bit confused. The photo of the quilt #1, done by Sharon J., is date "3/19/2011". How can that be?

  2. hmm...I don't know! I hadn't even started designing it until 2012, so it's not on my end ;)