Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mystery Quilt this weekend!

In case I haven't made enough noise, my charity mystery quilt sew-along is this weekend! Saturday morning at 9am EST I will post the first clue to my private group on facebook, and email the clue to anyone that doesn't use facebook. There's still time to join in, but you'll have to work fast, there's some pre-sewing to do!

If you don't have time to do it this weekend, no need to worry. I will be making the pattern available for sale after the sew-along ends. The deal will be the same, a minimum $10 donation to my 3 Day page will get you the pattern, only I'll automatically email it to the email address you leave with your donation (so make sure it's entered correctly!) I'll even post a link here to a picture of it, so if you don't like the surprise of mysteries, you can see it before you donate. I'm hoping some of my quilters will let me post pictures of theirs here as well!

And please feel free to follow this page, I'll be updating here to let you know when my next mystery quilt sew-along will be!

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