Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thomas and Friends Quilt Pattern

Here is the pattern for the Thomas and Friends quilt I designed for my son.
Thomas and Friends quilt
Finished size: approximately 72” by 74 ½”

Uses Cranston Village “Thomas and Friends” fabric collection

Fabric Requirements:
1 Thomas and Friends Wall Hanging (61835-Y)
2 Thomas and Friends Panel Blue, preferably not cut apart (62343-B – discontinued but you may still be able to find it in quilt shops or online. This link is just for reference)*
¼ yard red solid (try to match it to the border of the wall hanging panel as closely as possible)
1 yard Thomas and Friends Gears Allover (62346-B)
2 yards Thomas and Friends Scenic (62344-BG)**

* If you can only find one of these panels, you can use 1 Thomas and Friends Panel Blue and ½ yard Thomas and Friends (no name, 74138-N) instead.
** If you like, you could use Thomas and Friends Station Scenic (74101-BG) instead.

Cutting instructions:
1. Trim the Wall Hanging panel to 43 ¾” by 35”, keeping the border even on all sides. (piece A)

2. From the two Panel Blue panels, cut the side borders off and trim them to 5 1/8” by 41 ¾” (2 - piece B) Then cut the 6 smaller panels apart, trimming them to 14 ½” by 10 1/8”. (6 – piece C)

3. From the red solid, cut:
4 – 1 5/8” by 10 1/8” (piece D)
4 – 1 ½” by 5 1/8” (piece E)
2 – 1 3/8” by 63 ½” (piece F)
2 – 1 3/8” by 46 ¼” (piece G)

4. From the Gears Allover fabric, cut:
2 – 5 3/8” by 64 ¾” (piece H)
2 – 5 3/8” by 56” (piece I)

5. From the Scenic fabric, cut:
2 – 8 ½” by 74 ½” (piece J)
2 – 8 ½” by 72 1/8” (piece K)

Putting it together:
1. Sew a piece E to both ends of each piece B. This will be Panel 1.

2. Sew a Panel 1 to each side of the Wall Hanging Panel. This will be Panel 2.

3. Sew the train panels together in this pattern: piece C (James), piece D, piece C (Thomas), piece D, piece C (Percy). This will be Panel 3. Sew the name panels together in this pattern: piece C (Percy), piece D, piece C (Thomas), piece D, piece C (James). This will be Panel 4.

4. Sew Panel 3 to the top of Panel 2. Sew Panel 4 to the bottom of Panel 2.

5. Sew a piece F to each side. Sew a piece G to the top and bottom.

6. Sew a piece H to each side. Sew a piece I to the top and bottom.
7. Sew a piece J to each side. Sew a piece K to the top and bottom.

That’s it! Sandwich, quilt, and bind. Enjoy!

As I said in the fabric requirements, one of the fabrics has been discontinued. Pieces B and C come from the Thomas and Friends Panel Blue fabric. If this can’t be obtained, piece B can be replaced with less than ½ yard of 74138-N, and piece C can be replaced with any other Cranston Village Thomas and Friends fabrics that you like. I suggest replacing them with two 14 ½” by 10 1/8” pieces of each of: Thomas Toss (74102-R), Tickets Allover (74103-B), and Train Toss (64325-G), but feel free to use any fabrics you like.

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