Monday, March 21, 2011

Hope to be sewing again soon!

We recently moved. Well, not terribly recently, we moved in December. But now that we live over an hour from my job, and I work in a very high traffic area, I am driving and working longer hours so I have had ZERO time to sew. I haven't even had time to unpack my sewing room, which has been in boxes since early November. The only sewing I've done since then was to get pieces put together for a cub scout troop craft for Christmas, and to sew the gaping hole up in the behind of my son's snow pants.

And my job gives us a Friday off every 2-3 weeks. So you'd think I'd have time to get things put together! But it seems every time I get a ME day, Logan (my oldest) either has the day off school or gets a snow day, or Ridley (my youngest) is sick and can't go to school/day care (which I have to pay for anyway, whether he goes or not).

So I've been kind of aching to get things out and ready to do SOMETHING. The pattern has been a good outlet, but not a complete replacement for actual sewing. This past Friday, Ridley was sick so I spent the day with him, folding laundry and playing with him, and working on my book. Saturday my husband had to work so I had both boys home.

Once I got the boys in bed, I put my foot down and decided to get something set up. I managed to unpack my sewing cabinet although I don't have a final place to put it yet, and I got my quilt frame set up. All I need to do is plug in my machine and I can get back to some quilting!

I'm currently about 1/3 through quilting a mystery quilt top I made a few years ago but never got any farther with. It's a very geometrically pieced quilt, so I decided to go a little curvier with the quilting. It's taking much longer than I'd like because I don't have a long arm machine yet, so I can only sew in 3" rows or so. I am hoping to get a long arm machine in the next year or two, but money's tight for everyone these days. If the monkey quilt pattern sells well, maybe I can do it sooner rather than later!

Here's a picture of the mystery quilt I'm working on getting quilted. I will probably sell that one, I already have 2 people fighting over it and it's not even done!

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