Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Eastern Michigan State Fair 2017

One of the biggest obstacles I have to getting anything done is TIME. There's only so much time to do the plethora of projects I want to do, and my job sure cuts into that time!

This year, I set myself a goal to finish a quilt in time for the Eastern Michigan State Fair. Registration ended in June, so I went ahead and spend the $15 to register, effectively giving myself a deadline. And it worked! I actually entered 7 items (though I only actually brought 6).

First, I finally finished this!

Most people that have seen this have said WOW! And wow is right. This just hits you right in the eye. Photos truly don't do this justice, though this photo is better at capturing the colors than my cell phone was. You can't help but follow the colors, spinning your eyes around with the changes. There are over 200 fabrics in this quilt, so every time you look at it, you see something new!

Next, I finished my Toothless!

This is a modified Sitting Dragon from Sew Desu Ne?, with parts borrowed from the Jackalope pattern from the same designer, and some pieces I drew up and added. (This designer now has a really adorable FREE Night Fury pattern that you should really get!)

Next, I entered this bag I sewed up from the Everyday Attache pattern from StudioKat Designs.

This was one of the most intensely complicated bags I've ever made, but it went together so smoothly! It's a little smaller than I would carry regularly though, I'm more of a Wrapsody girl.

I also entered 3 photos I took on our family vacation this year.

So how did I do? Pretty well!

Best in Show!

Blue ribbons on Toothless and my Everyday Attache!

And a blue for my dolphin photo (top right), a red for my marine landscape photo (lower left), and a white for the photo of my boys while snuba diving (upper left).
Not too bad for the first time I ever entered! I'm going to try a different fair next year though. I have several more quilts to finish, so I'm going to check the open book this year and see what categories there are, and what projects I can finish for those categories. This won't be my last fair!

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