Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer's over,'s time for a new pattern!

I can't believe it's September! I took the summer off pattern writing for the most part to be home with my kids. But now, the summer is winding down (not that it ever really got that warm here in Michigan!), and the kids are back to school. So, it's time to release my new pattern!

Now available is this adorable baby quilt pattern, which I call Balloons in the Park. I made this after visiting family and meeting their new son, who is just adorable! In his bedroom, there's a wall of hot air balloon decals, so I took that as inspiration and ran with it. And this is the result!

It's kind of a play on an I Spy quilt. I did some pretty heavy quilting, and the final quilt has puffy, rounded balloons. I love it!

I've never considered myself amazingly skilled with my long arm, but I'm very happy with the results, even if they aren't perfect. I'm getting better! I've never done quilting this intricate, most everything I've done was primarily quilting with loops or meanders, sometimes with stars mixed in. And knowing how long it takes me to decide how I want to do the quilting, I have included a quilting diagram so you can follow it if you choose.

I'm really happy that my cousin and his family love it as much as I loved making it. And now you can make one too. You can get it from my Craftsy Shop!


  1. I would make this quilt for my granddaughter Scarlett! Cute!~


  2. I think I would probably make this quilt for my granddaughters.

  3. I'm lucky enough to have the adirondack balloon fest every year where I live, and my 9 year old daughter loves it, and this quilt reminds me of that time of year, so I would probably make it for her, or even myself!

  4. i think i would have to make this quilt for myself!!! i love hot air balloons :)

  5. I would probably make this for a charity.