Sunday, November 18, 2012

My indie shop on Craftsy!

I've been doing pattern designs for a little while now, but not like I have been lately! After the American Sewing Expo, I came home to check out Craftsy since I'd been given a free class voucher. And while I was there, I discovered they offer designers the ability to sell their patterns right there on their site! No startup cost, and no fees. Payments are sent through Paypal, so you lose a little there, but that's all. So I immediately got myself set up with a store, and posted the four patterns I had done at the time.

Since then, I've gotten four more done and posted, and while I'm not selling a ton, I'm doing ok for someone who's pretty much unknown. I spent two days in the #1 spot on the Trending Quilt Patterns list, with my Let's Talk Turkey Mug Rug pattern (it's dropped to #14 as of right now), and I had my Stepping Stones pattern in there for a few days as well.

I've been really happy with my store there so far, and I hope to keep making new ones! Here's what I made this morning. I just finished the pattern, and it's now available HERE as well.

Coming soon will be a snowflake mug rug, as well as a new tree skirt pattern! But now....what should I do with this mug rug? Hmm...

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